Our key credentials for any project are:


  1. Socially-responsible investment. Live to work is socially, ethically and environmentally bringing good as well as providing positive financial return.
  2. Sustainable construction Eco house (Bream very good and above at the minimum).
  3. Establishing a new property asset class (Not social housing, not a hostel, not a hotel and not build to rent).
  4. Purpose-built to rent by companies for their team member workers, first in the category.
  5. Locations where public transport is within 5 minutes’ walk and where local amenities (Post office, food store, bank) are within walking distance.
  6. Providing more than just accommodation but also prepared food options, transportation services, training services and out of work activities to stimulate mental well being.
  7. For one or several tenants employing temporary workers in sectors including: Construction, Manufacturing, Production and Hospitality where these team member worker residents are performing vital services to any economy and community.