Due to migrant workers typically not coming to a country with their family or with the intention to settle (Rather than immigrant workers) but to work, send money home and then return after some seasonal period or few years then their agenda is not on the political landscape and forum. However it is our number one priority to change this by creating a new standard for accommodation specifically for this worker who is working to live.

Poseidon Group companies span multiple of industries employing over 3,000 workers where the Group has witnessed first hand the inadequate provision of accommodation for migrant workers available in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

For our team, this is more than the projects we create. It’s the ethos, environment and experience which is created for our team member worker residents where providing the necessary comfort, rest, and enjoyment out of work in our work to live facilities, that they can hit their own high standards more easily in work.

Maintaining a balance between working life and home life is an essential precondition to successful and happy team member workers (TMW).

Work is a cornerstone in the cohesion of societies and plays a fundamental role in TMW capacity to integrate and grow.



Promoting health and mental well-being of our resident TMW is the essence of the Work to Live brand.

Where we live, where we work and the built environments we visit during our daily lives influence us.

Encouraging people to enter the Labour market, and to enable those already working to stay doing so, is essential.
A good work-life balance can reap benefits not only for the worker but also for the company and society as a whole.

Work To Live isn’t looking to open a worker accommodation like current solutions are, we want to share our point of view and lifestyle with workers all the while showcasing the elements of design and comfort that will become synonymous with Work to Live.
Work to Live is an opportunity to do something unique and world-class.



Our mission and ethos are to revolutionize migrant worker accommodation. Our mission is to become the world’s leading bespoke accommodation brand.
We do so by offering cozy, stylish, cool an accommodation with soulful social spaces and with a lot of different activities seen currently only in an Hotel.

We strive to use design, technology and innovation to be distinctive and to improve efficiency, we put the contentment and safety of our occupants first.

Work to Live is about a whole new dimension of cool, comfortable and spacious accommodation for foreign workers. Our vision is to lead the way in a new generation of properties, hybrid between workers accommodation and hostel to be recognized globally as the best in its class and to create a worldwide portfolio of attractive workers accommodations that are comfortable, contemporary,
social and safe. Our values are about being cozy, urban, social and safe.
Along the way we will embrace new technologies, demonstrate a global cultural perspective with neighborhood curation, and seek to be environmentally aware.


Do great things!


The quality of workers’ living environment has a major effect on their physical and psychological well-being. The provision of good accommodation is an important sign that businesses respect and value their employees and is shown to enhance productivity.


’’Work to live’’ concept is specially designed with features to meet the needs of its residents and raise accommodation standard and living conditions.


Leisure doesn’t improve the quality of life unless one knows how to use it effectively. Finding activities that lead to a state of flow is key if we’re looking to increase creativity and happiness. Leisure is an arena for autonomy, self-direction and fulfilment; leisure concerns the “intelligent” use of time for relaxation, that is why ensuring young workers equal access to sporting and creative activities is important for us. In this matter, services and amenities as well as tuition, courses and upskilling are available in all locations.


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