Stone House, Trilj


Each country and micro location is different. After extensive discussions with our team member workers through workshops and discussion groups, we explore their needs and affinities, creating a unified branding solution and at the same time each project is aimed to have a unique feature for the targeted area.

’’Work to live’’ concept is specially designed with features to meet the needs of foreign employees and raise
accommodation standard and living conditions.

The elegantly restored stone house was originally a large traditional country house,
complete with beautiful roof terrace. Located in a building that dates back to 1900, this stone house
renovation project features original architectural elements alongside modern details.

Gross floor area is 907 m2 and sits on a lot 601 m2 in size, located in Trilj near river Cetina.
The property consists of a basement, two floors and attic.

External standards are primarily focused on restoration of existing materials and overall look of the designed hostel.
Aim is to produce warm quality feel and authentic look. The building provides over 75 residents with facilities more akin to a high standard hotel.